Age 12 up to 16 years old

Are you between 12 and 16 years old? Come sailing and windsurfing in the Splashweek! Race over the Sloterplas in a Laser Pico and Vago, or try to find your balance on a windsurfboard. You can take your friends with you, but you’ll make new ones in no-time in the Splashweek!

Splashweek Sailing

The fastest boats in our fleet! You will sail in the Laser Pico or Vago. There are two sailers per boat, so maybe you already know someone who dares to go sailing with you! The Laser Pico or Vago is a fast and sporty dinghy that has a risk of capsizing. But no need to worry, you will learn how to get the boat upright again in the Splashweeks!

Splashweek Surfing

Come and windsurf with us! You get your personal windsurf board and sail to race all over the lake and compete with your friends. But don’t be afraid of getting wet, as balancing on a board can sometimes be difficult. Hang loose!