Private lesson

The Valk is a tour sailboat. The weight of the heavy keel provides stability and a steady course. The sheltered cockpit has plenty of room for the crew. The Valk is clearly more oriented towards comfort rather than speed. Ideal boats to experience wanderings. These boats can be rented almost everywhere in the Netherlands where sailing is possible.
When you’re at a higher level, the Valk can be more sportive than you think. Learn how to do a rolltack from one of our experienced instructors!

Private lesson Valk

Alongside the regular courses, Watersportcenter Sloterplas offers individual lessons. Our instructor will work with you on a tailor-made program. This could go from learning the basics of sailing in the Valk, improving your technique, to setting physical goals. Signing up for a private lesson includes consultation with your instructor about the program you would like to follow. Personal workouts are offered on all levels of sailing.

Benefits Personal workouts:

  • Intensive, personal coaching
  • Personalized sessions that will fit your sailing experience and wishes.

Request a private lesson

No sailing experience required

On request

From 1,5 hour

At least 3 working days in advance

Watersportcentrum Sloterplas
Christoffel Plantijngracht 4
1065 DA Amsterdam
Map & Direction

€70 per hour for 1 person
€90 per hour for 2 persons
€110 per hour for 3-4 persons
With a minimum of 1,5 hour

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