Splashweek Surfing

4 weeks during the Summer Vacation

Come and windsurf with us! You get your personal windsurf board and sail to race all over the lake and compete with your friends. But don’t be afraid of getting wet, as balancing on a board can sometimes be difficult. Hang loose!

Surfing at the Splashweeks

Are you between 12 and 16 years old? Come join our windsurfweek!

Windsurfing is an individual sport that can be quite tough. When the winds are strong you’ll need your entire body to hold up the sail and to race over the water. When the winds are low it’s fun to do all sorts of tricks on your board. This way, windsurfing is fun for everyone!

We start the week with an explanation of the material, and we practise how to set up your sail. After that we try out some basic techniques on our surf simulator. Then it’s time to try it out on the water. The first experiences are usually quite wet, but practice makes perfect! When the balancing and steering goes well, we’ll race over the entire Sloterplas!

You’ll get your own windsurfboard and sail, with which you can do a race with your friends. The boards we use are well suited for beginners as for more experienced windsurfers. Don’t be afraid to get wet!

The activities are from Monday until Friday from 10am  – 4pm. You have a lunch break (Mon-Thu) included, and on Friday we organize a picknick where everyone can bring something to eat!

No surfing experience necessary
Swimming certificate required

1 week (Monday – Friday)

1 week daily surf lessons

Watersportcentrum Sloterplas
Christoffel Plantijngracht 4
1065 DA Amsterdam
Kaart & Routebeschrijving

Weeks 2024:
Week 30: 22 jul – 26 jul
Week 31: 29 jul – 2 aug
Week 34: 19 aug – 23 aug
Week 35: 26 aug – 30 aug



On the first day (Monday)
Make sure to be 10-15 minutes present ahead of the start of the Splashweek. Notify the Head Instructor that you are there.

There are changing rooms with showers and toilets available at the location. Please don’t bring any valuables with you. The instructors can put away any valuables that you bring safely. 

Always bring an extra set of dry clothes (and a towel) and wear functional clothing. If it rains, bring rain gear, and especially dress warmly.
The lesson always continues.
Are you 12+ and are you going windsurfing or sailing? Then you get one of our wetsuits when it’s cold. Please bring swimming clothes with you!

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