From October 1st we don’t have standard opening times for rentals.
However, we are often around, for maintenance or sailing lessons. 
Send us an email if you want to rent a boat!




Prices (per hour)

Canoe (1 person)       €10,00
Canoe (3 person)       €17,50
Pedal boat (4p max)  €20,00
SUP-board                  €15,00
Valk (keelboat)           €30,00

For renting a Valk (keelboat) you have to have experience. If you cannot prepare, sail and/or make the boat ready for night and need to be helped or picked up, an extra €50,00 will be charged. When there is doubt about the experience of the renter, the boat will not be rented out. 
From and above 5 Beaufort we don’t rent out the Valk.

Please have a look at our houserules.

When hiring a boat, you agree with our general terms and conditions.


Want to see the gorgeous sunset of the Sloterplas? Have a seat at the beautiful terrace of Boothuis! Perfect for drinks and dinner.
More information on
Or send them an email:

Beautiful Canoe routes

Watersportcentrum Sloterplas hires include 2- or 3-person canoes (“Canoe”) and 1-person canoes (“Kayaks”). Both canoes are very stable and suitable for inexperienced and novice canoeists. Naturally, we give them life jackets.

The lake is 2 kilometers long, 500 meters wide and is situated amidst the beautiful Sloterpark in the Nieuw-West. Sloterpark are some great short and long canoe routes through the park or urban area. There is something for everyone: for 30 minutes to canoeing for hours. An ideal canoe location, close to the center of Amsterdam. If you are on the lake or sail through the park, you know you’re in the city, but you feel ‘outside’. Bring your picnic gear, and visit one of the beautiful cuttings Sloterpark.

Also, a group is not a problem. We have canoes for groups of 40 adults / children.

For questions about rental contact us by phone at 020-617 5839 or by email via (only working days). We don’t take reservations for the canoe/ kayak.

Rent a Valk

Watersportcentrum Sloterplas renting Valk / Polyvalk sailboats – the most popular tour sailboat of the Netherlands. The weight of the heavy keel makes it stable and steady course. The sheltered cockpit has plenty of room for the crew: five adults fit comfortably in the cockpit. The Valk is clearly more oriented toward comfort rather than speed, but can be surprisingly fast. Ideal boats to experience wanderings. The Valk is equipped with a furling jib and mainsail that readily reduce (reef) is. Everywhere in the Netherlands can be sailed tend to rent this type of sailboats. To rent the yacht you should be able to sail this boat easily.
Are you not able to sail yet, but want to learn it? Look at our sailing courses.

For questions about rental or reservations contact us by phone at 020-617 5839 or by email via (only working days).

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