Sailing course Valk

Valk courses on 3 levels

The Valk is a tour sailboat. The weight of the heavy keel provides stability and a steady course. The sheltered cockpit has plenty of room for the crew. The Valk is clearly more oriented towards comfort rather than speed. Ideal boats to experience wanderings. These boats can be rented almost everywhere in the Netherlands where sailing is possible.

Valk level 1, 2 & 3

Level 1
This training is intended for people who have never sailed before. The basics of sailing will be learned systematically. The diploma includes the very basic skills, such as operating the sails and tacking. Next to that, the theory of safety and a number of navigation rules on the water will be thought as well.

Level 2
When you have finished level 1, you can start with level 2. This diploma includes, besides the aforementioned skills, also maneuvers such as tacking at a more advanced level, arrive at windward shore and man overboard, together with the more advanced accompanying theory. 

Level 3
Being able to navigate on your own is one of the ultimate goals of this training. This diploma includes basic and advanced maneuvers such as arriving to windward shore and lee shore, anchoring and be liberated from running aground under all circumstances.

No sailing experience needed

8 weeks

1 weekly training

Watersportcentrum Sloterplas
Christoffel Plantijngracht 4
1065 DA Amsterdam
Map and directions

Sailing courses 2024:
Winter: 20 jan – 9 march
Spring 1: 23 march – 18 may
Spring 2 Saturdays: 25 may – 13 july
Spring 2 Wednesdays: 22 may – 10 july
Spring 2 Sundays: 26 may – 14 july
Autumn 1: 7 sep – 26 oct
Autumn 2: 9 nov – 21 dec (7 lessons)


First lesson
Please note that participants, after changing in your sailing gear, need to report at the Watersports Centre, where the instructor is waiting for you 10 minutes before the start of the lesson. 

There are changing rooms with showers and toilet available at the location. Safes are available for all your valuables. The café-restaurant Boothuis has a uniquely situated, often sunny terrace at the waterfront were you can sit afterwards and have drinks and food. With the heart of Amsterdam just around the corner, you can easily get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing sailing lesson.

It is recommend to bring an extra set of dry clothes (and a towel) and to wear functional clothes. If it rains, bring rain gear, and especially dress warmly. The lesson always continues.