At the Watersports Centre

There’s a lot more to experience at our Watersports Centre. Check below what else you can do on the water!

Feeling hungry after spending time on the water? Have a seat at Boothuis, our lovely neighbours! The place to be for fantastic pizza and Italian dishes, of course with a great view of the Sloterplas!

At Flyboard Sensation you’re literally flying through the skies! Powered by a strong jetstream of water you can do awesome tricks above the Sloterplas. But first try to stand upright ;-). Certainly something you must experience yourself!

Don’t want to be on, but in the water? Check out Topswim! You can follow open-water swim sessions, or take private lessons, from beginners to experts. They also give trainings for triathlons!

Explore the depths of the Sloterplas with the Fanatic Freedivers! They are an enthusiastic group of divers, who go into the water every week (even in winter!). Check out their instagram page for more information.

Watersports Island

There’s much more to do on our island! You can click the logo to go to the websites.

Looking for a friendly place to learn more about canoeing? Then you must go to Kanovereniging Sloterplas! You can store your own canoe or SUP board there, and they organize fun tours through all of Amsterdam and surroundings.

The Watersport Vereniging Sloterplas is an active and fun yachtclub to park your own boat. They organize many get-togethers and activities. Here you can also park your boat for the day and explore the surroundings. 

Scouting Sarto are the water-scouts of our island. You learn how to sail in the Lelievlet, a steel keelboat. They organize adventures on water and on land!

Scouting Phoenix are the land-scouts of our island. You learn how to make your own treehouse, build a campfire, making knots and play loads of games!

The Amsterdamse Hengelsportvereniging is the place for all information about fishing. They know literally everything about what lives in the Sloterplas, and they organizes competitions and activities.

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