Sailing courses

Options for courses:

At Watersportcenter Sloterplas we have two course options: the Optimist for children, ages 8-12. The Valk is for adults.

Sailing course Optimist

The best way to learn how to sail is by practice. For younger children, an Optimist is the perfect boat. This lightweight boat with one sail responds directly to the wind and rudder. Therefore, young sailors will almost automatically discover the basics of sailing. The younger you start with sailing, the more easily you become familiar with the water.

Sailing course Valk

The Valk is a tour sailboat. The weight of the heavy keel provides stability and a steady course. The sheltered cockpit has plenty of room for the crew. The Valk is clearly more oriented towards comfort rather than speed. Ideal boats to experience wanderings. These boats can be rented almost everywhere in the Netherlands where sailing is possible.

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